Monday, December 8, 2008

In Which The Backyard Yields Yet Another Kitty...

So yet again, I stepped outside and yet again I came across a frail little white kitty. This is the third time I've seen this guy, and he was so weak and so sick he didn't run, and his eyes were so infected they were sealed shut with dried puss.

The kitty was nothing more than skin and bones, and I couldn't take it, so I grabbed the little guy and brought him in, cleaned his eyes as much as I could and let him have some warm milk, which isn't the best thing give a kitty disgestion wise, but he needed something. Luckily, my mother agreed with me that we couldn't just toss him out again, and now I've got another little orphan to try to nurse back to health.


Unlike the last guy I found though, this one is in pretty bad shape. Starved, sick and weak, the only thing the little guy COULD do was eat. Lucy, our nurturing poodle, watched over him relentlessly, and what's nice, is that it looks like we're making progress.

He got a bath with soap and water to get rid of most of the fleas (I think he might be a little anemic from the flea bites), and I cleaned out what I could of the crud in his ears. His eyes are a slow process. I got some stuff from the pet store and it seems to be helping. The swelling is going down and the puss is receding. He can open both eyes, though one is still a little visibly worse than the other.

You know what they say about a kitty's nine lives. The guy's a fighter. He still needs a vet, but I can't justify the expense to my parents, yet, but he seems to be pulling through. Yesterday he had his first bowel movement, and his energy is improving. He has started to play, pouncing and attacking my feet and rubbing up against Lucy. He has figured out Thalia's stairs she uses to climb up on the bed, which resulted in me waking up with a two AM with a purring fuzzball against my throat.

But yeah, now I've got a kitty that I once again need to place. I hope I won't have any trouble. He's a gorgeous little man, and once his eyes clear up, he's going to be a prince. Snow white and long-haired, I've decided in the spirit of the season to name him Klaus. Here's hoping he gets a good home. He's a purr-machine, and a real cuddler.



  1. You're so good to bring the poor guy in! I hope he finds a nice home. Good luck!

  2. At first glance I thought that first pic was Billy Idol lying face down in the road!
    Hope the critter's ok.