Thursday, February 28, 2008

Z Camera - Minority Report Kicks Your Ass

Check out the latest technology that could blow WII motion control out of the water.

it's sweeet.

WMC Gets Reprieve, Showrunners Get Jossed.

So it appears that Women's Murder Club, the struggling drama on ABC about a bunch of pretty ladies who like to solve murders, has been given a fighting chance. Despite rumors that the production crew was ordered to strike the sets, that freshman show now has a three episode order to finish out the season.

They also have a new showrunner, Law & Order vet Robert Nathan. Apparently showrunners Sarah Fain and Liz Craft weren't quite clicking with the network, because the pickup appeared to be contingent on getting them out.

There are fairly few female showrunners out there, so that does make me sad. On the other hand, more Murder Club! Allowing a moment of geekiness, I do love this show. It doesn't try to hit you over the head with all the intsense REALISM that the CSI's and Law & Orders do, and the chemistry between the four leads makes for a fun show (though there does seem to be a rumor circulating that the ladies act their pants off to pull that off). The only concern is with a new showrunner, comes new changes, and the show that returns, may not be the show that left us when it aired it's tenth episode in January.

At the very least, the showrunners, who have overall deals at FOX, have landed on their feet. They're heading over to be staff writers on Joss Whedon's Eliza Dushku fronted 'Dollhouse', which received a 7 episode pick up order at FOX.

Sex & The City stops being such a tease.

The new trailer for Sex & The City has finally leaked online and it looks like more of the same. Which is kind of awesome. I was never one of the people who based their life's religion on the show or anything (because I could never, ever have that much appreciation for shoes), but I do own the series on DVD.

Slutty as they were, these women are icons.

In really good shoes. Of course.

In related news, producing studio NEW LINE has folded.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Late to the Party, but still pumped: Dexter

There was once upon a time where I could have pay channels and actually afford them because I worked for a cable network and could therefore write off the bill without much fear of an audit.

Alas, that time has passed, as it has become quite clear that one cannot become a development executive AND a television writer. Like Romeo and Juliet, never shall the two meet. The result is a less than glamorous, very boring, very cushy desk job for a financial firm that allows much time for writing and no ability to write off that pesky cable bill.

As a result, I get only the basics, and that of course, means no Showtime, and no way to really get into a show I've been desperate to see: Dexter.

Thankfully, netflix has provided a fantabulously awesome way to catch up, with their instant streaming viewing that features Dexter as one of the options.

As a result, I've indulged in seven episodes thus far, and what amazes me is the curious medium that's built by a sociopathic character who technically doesn't FEEL but manages to evoke such brilliant emotion from the viewer. Casting certainly has a lot to do with it - characters that would grow tedious under a less subtle actor do really well here. Case in point: Rita, played by Julie Benz. The cowed abused housewife act could very quickly grow tedious, but Benz pays Rita with just the right amount of strength and vulnerability that makes you actually root for her and Dexter; serial killer issues not with standing.

All in all, I may be the last person on the boat, but damn, I'm here to party.

Thanks, Netflix!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

American Gladiators Finale: It's All About Crush

Oh yeah... and that soccer Mom lady and cutie Evan speeded their way predictably into American Gladiator Championship.

After two hours of insane filler, I was treated to my last glimpse of the awesome, gorgeous, crazy Crush.

Luckily, she has been invited back for the second season (which films in March and April), but until then, here's a few links for my fellow crush fanatics.

News Articles:

Gina Carano in the new Blood and Bones movie.

Update on Gina Carano's next fight. Also, she's the 3rd top search on yahoo's sports section.

Great article on Gina and how she's reacting to the American Gladiator's fan favorite lime light.

5 Reasons has a Crush on Crush.

Read a Couple Quotes about Gina from some fighter's Gina's well... crushed:Tonya Evinger and Julie Kedzie

Gina Carano's interview with Inside MMA on will be reaired on February 23 at 3AM. Set your TIVO. Or hope that they make the episode available online.

Gina's Pro Elite Profile. Lotsa pictures. If you're into that kinda thing.


Gina Carano 'Crush' Tribute featuring Paramore.

Fight Girls Webisodes - she's the hottest mentor ever.

Postfight Interview with Gina - in which she winks.

Gina crushes a reporter in joust - and winks again.

Crush puts her foot down - literally.

Vegas, baby!

In true Los Angeles Resident fashion, when faced with the prospect of a long weekend, thoughts immediately turned to Las Vegas. I'm not a gambler (love Texas Hold 'Em, but Slots bore me to tears), but Vegas has some awesome attractions if you know where to look. Thanks to a nice tax refund, it was a weekend in which I could splurge, just a little, and so with some planning, we got a decent price for the Hilton, two reservations at BOA Las Vegas and the Eiffel Tower Restaurant, tickets for Cirque de Soleil's pornesqe Zumanity, and reservations for horseback riding in the canyons outside of Las Vegas.

Despite the fact that I'm way over weight and I should be following a strict diet to get back into shape in time for my fearless comeback for the third season of American Gladiators (in which my sole purpose will be to get rocked on Joust by Crush and thus fulfill the fantasy of nearly every male/woman who watches that show), this weekend I have given myself a bye. And with good reason. The food? was awesome.

But first things first. Taking off at 7AM on Saturday morning was a well-intentioned bid to get away from traffic, and unfortunately for us, it worked a little too well. We landed at the state line a good three hours before we could check into the hotel. So to kill time we stopped at my favorite on the way destination: Buffalo Bill Casino, a wild west themed casino which is part of a trio clustered on the state line that features, among other things, an awesome buffet, a roller coaster, and a huge outlet fashion mall. We got our buffet on and then I was let loose in the Coach outlet where we arrived in time for their big president's day sale (thank you, Mr. Lincoln).

I got way more giddy than I thought I'd be, but all seemed to work well, for I got a wristlet for 15 bucks and a brand new wallet for 60, down from 200.

Giddiness aside, we went on our way to Vegas, and were able to check into the Hilton, where it occured to me that I actually was feeding Paris Hilton and her backyard breeding tendencies. After forcing that panic attack aside, there was time to settle in and take a nap before heading over to the BOA steakhouse at Cesear's Palace on the strip. We were at the Hilton, maybe two or three blocks away. It took us an hour to get there and find the parking lot. Vegas doesn't fool around, bitches.

Once we got there, however, we were seated after about a fifteen minute wait, and were treated to quite a view.

Pretty damned gorgeous (thanks Sam, for the picture).

Then it was time to sit down and eat food off our pricey menues. But first? Cocktails. I had a Goldsmith, which was an effortlessly smooth infusion of apples, cinamen, vodka, bourban, nutmeg, and pineapple juice. Just... yum.

Appetizers! In which I had three jumbo prawns that sadly... were just that. Big ass Shrimp. I was hoping for a little more, but at six dollars a pop, I could have done better. Still, moving on to the fish of the day special, which was quite scrumptious. Pan-seared habilut over roasted yukon gold potatoes, with a baby leaves salad on top and a vinnegarette. Pretty yum. For dessert? The fried cheesecake. Which is as rich as it sounds and twice as fattening. It was served with a banana icecream that was absolutely delicious.

Too late for the Shark Reef, and not in the mood for clubbing, we headed back to the hotel and tried to cheat the system by watching a movie on We were, however, stomped upon when we realized the hotel's wireless connection is crap. Touche, hotel. Touche.

Resigned to not knowing what would happen to the rest of the mediocre yet oddly compelling 'Love on the Side', we hit the lights out, because we needed to be up and early for our horesbackriding reservations.

So at 7:30Am, we waited in the parking lot of the Circus Circus for our tour bus to come pick us up. While there, we were witness to a terrific car crash between a cabbie and an employee, which lends credence to the idea that it's not just LA people who are terrible ass drivers. Everyone was okay, however, the whole crash-into-the-car-who-makes-a-left-turn-without-looking thing is pretty stupidly cliche. Look where you're going, peeps. We got picked, and along with about fifteen other people, were bussed to Red Rock Canyon, which is an absolutely beautiful bit of desert that not a lot of tourists know about, but should. The last time my friends and I went, we spent a good 3 hours scampering over rocks and marveling at the gorgeous scenery. This time, we were paired with a horse. Because I've become quite the hefty girl, I was paired with a huge ass horsey named Dunny. The cute cowboy was apparently quite surprised that I actually had the flexibility to make it in the stirrups on my own, but little does he know that a) 8 years of martial arts/kick boxing doth a stretchy girl make and b) my version of horse riding is of the Mexican pueblo style, which means you get on and if the horse throws you, you didn't hold on hard enough. Anyway, Dunny and I went our way and away we went, to explore the canyons of Red Rock in a straight line.

Again, the view? was spectacular.

Dunny himself was quite obviously a man's horse, who didn't quite like the lady sitting on his back. He had a mind of his own, but we eventually came to an understanding (that being, he would do whatever the hell he wanted, and I would push and pull a little but eventually let him), and after two hours of riding and pretty scenery my butt was killing me and my horse was hungry.

Still, I love horses. I want one. Even if they're big and smelly and poop a lot.

From there , we had just enough time to make it back to the hotel, nap and then shower and change for our reservations at the Eiffel Tower Restaurant, set in the Eiffel Tower in the Paris hotel. The view, again, was quite spectacular. The enviroment was very foofy, which meant fancy dress and no free refills (bastards). Still, we were able to see the Bellagio water show, and I was treated to an amazing crab salad (the prettiest I've ever eaten), and my first ever chocolate soufle. It was poofy.

Then it was time to hit Zumanity at the New York New York. Not a show to attend with mother, people. First of all? It's a Cique Show, which means of course, it's weird. Add to that? Topless everything. Every acrobatic manuever you can think of? With boobs. And dildos. And a lot of audience participation. Banana fellacio. Topless contortionists. Gorgeous drag queens. And an S&M scene involving choking.

Really quite gorgeous.

Really quite adult.

To sum up, you're typical Cirque show: topless.

Watching them all gave me the explicit urge to go work out.

So I took a nap instead.

Though I did have a salad for lunch today. That's a start, right?

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Alternative V-Day Movies: Be Romantic Without Being a Schmuck

I have to admit, Valentine's Day has never gone over smoothly for me. I have vivid recollections of disapointing gifts, awkward break-ups, and at one point in time, two guys showing up at my house in the space of a half an hour.

Add to that a fear of committment that stems from the fear of getting married, and you have an insecurure individual who resents Valentine's Day and yet still battles a romantic's heart.

That said, I'm the kind of person that scoffs at The Notebook, hated the Titanic for the sheer idiocy of Kate Winslet's character jumping BACK ON THE BOAT, and hated Julia Ormand's character from 'Legends of the Fall' because she was a selfish bitch.

If you're like me, and can still appreciate a sentimental holiday without wanting to sift through the dreck that is over indulgent sappiness (Buffy and Angel make me gag), here's a few movies to consider that will still make you happy about love, without losing some dignity.

1. There's Something About Mary
What it's About: An awkward teenager lands the girl of his dreams for prom night, only to have a disastrous accident involving his balls. Years later, he can't get Mary out of his head, and he embarks on a mission to find her.
Why it's Alternative: Full of gross out gags and weirdo characters, There's Something About Mary is a guy's romance movie. What makes it work is a likable lead , killer villains, and a surprisingly earnest love story that actually makes you tear up a little. Mary herself is a guy's invention of 'The Perfect Girl' but surprisingly, Cameron Diaz pulls her off as layered and human: that's quite a tall order.
Schmuck Rating: C. You can claim you're watching it for the penis jokes, and on one will be the wiser.
youtube clip

2. Imagine Me & You
What it's About: A bride meets her soulmate on her wedding day. It's not her husband, and it's a chick.
Why it's Alternative: You don't see that many romantic comedies featuring two ladies as the star crossed lovers. And a pre Terminator Lena is refreshingly engaging as the florist who falls for the bride.
Schmuck Rating: B+ - it's got some sappy moments, but you can always chock it to watching two hot chicks.

youtube clip

3. The Bourne Identity
What it's About: An ex assasin with no memories struggles to uncover his past and evade the conspiracy that is threatening to bring him down.
Why it's Alternative: It's a shoot-em-up action flick, but the love story behind it is better done than most action movies.
Schmuck Rating:
F - You're no schmuck, you just like a good action movie, dammit.
youtube clip

4. Practical Magic
What it's About: Two witch sisters' past comes back to haunt them, literally, when one's abusive boyfriend rises from the dead.
Why it's Alternative: Not as cheesy as it sounds, and it's a love story about family.
Schmuck Rating: B - it's a chick flick, but Nicole Kidman and Sandra Bullock are really hot in it.

youtube clip

5. Juno
What it's About: A teenager discovers she's pregant, and resolves to have the baby and give it to a picture perfect family she finds in the penny saver.
Why it's Alternative: You can't get much more alternative than a teen pregancy storyline.
Schmuck Rating:
B- - it never ventures into sappy, and it's Oscar Nominated. And it was also written by an ex-stripper.
youtube clip

Sometimes the Technology - it kicks you in da head.

Like any good gamer geek, I'm waiting for the WIIFIT to come out in the States, under some misguided hope that it will make working out FUN. You know. Because people can't be bothered to like... go outside to run or... join a gym or whatever.

But in the back of my head, I think 'It's a little white thing. You stand on. Really?'

Apparently I'm not the only one that thought that. Check out's rather unique ad for the coming WiiFit:

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Secret To Chopping Onions

I need to know. Because I love to cooke, but onions are my arch Nemesis.

I don't just cry when I chop them. I turn into a blubbering, eye stinging, tortured mess. You know, if I were ever a super hero? My vulnerability would be those damned onions. Seriously, I could be saving a vault full of hostages, get an arm chopped off, and keep going, but if those people pulled out fresh onions and threw them in my face?

Game over.

It was never more evident than this morning, when I endeavored to put together some quick ingrediants for a pot roast to throw in the slow cooker before I went to work. It was pretty simple: meat, potatoes, carrots, worcheshire sauce, garlic, red wine vinegar, ketchup, rosemary... and onions.

Those EFFIN' onions!

Oh my GOD. Those damned fumes hit me so hard I could have been run over with a truck. Eyes stinging, watering so badly I was chopping blind, I was praying that the torture would end without me chopping off a finger because I friggin' couldn't see.

If I wasn't already literally sobbing, I would have cried from the pain.

Four hours later, my eyes are STILL stinging. I feel like I've been tortured and am dealing with post traumatic shock.

I can't take it, ya'll. I need to face my onion fear head on. Thank God, a quick google search has led me to a list of options in dealing with my nemesis: the onion.

From the Ludicrous to the Fairly Reasonable:

1. Holding a match in your teeth.
Apparently the match head is supposed to absorb the fumes. That doesn't sound fun for me unless I'd get to light the match. Still... if it didn't work I'd be a crying mess and setting my mouth on fire. Moving on.

2. Use a Sharp Knife.
The sharper the knife the less acid fume is released. Fine. Be reasonable.

3. Put the Onion In the Freezer
Okay... maybe I'm being a food snob here but... wouldn't that just mess with the taste of the onions? If you freeze it then wouldn't it be like freezing a tomatoe and messing up the... er.. fruit cells? Or something?

4. Use goggles.
Fashion be damned, I might actually try this. People seem to swear by it. Now if only I swam enough to own a pair.

5. Put it under running water.
Okay... I'm a pretty consistant chopper but this seems kinda silly unless you want to cut your hand off.

6. Chop more onions.
Apparently you can build up immunity to it if you just chop more onions. Sounds like a brute's plan. But I've always liked a little pain.

7. Remove the root and bulb.
Cutting around the root and removing the bulb apparently eliminates the threat. And also like... half the onion.

Hmm. What to do. What to try? Does anyone have any onion cutting secrets?

Monday, February 11, 2008

Strike Casualties: The End of Women's Murder Club?

Now that the strike is nearing it's end, it appears networks are hammering out what shows may or may not be coming back from the fall 2007 season. TVGuide has their take on where favorite shows stand.

The list has few surprises; fan faves like Chuck, 30 Rock, etc are expected to be back, if not this season then the season after; Duds like Bionic Woman and Big Shots have been canned, but one maybe casuality breaks my little heart: Women's Murder Club is on the critical list. Say it ain't so, Joe! While not a flashy serial, it's got four engaging leads and a heck of an acting pool.

If it's done, it's been killed way too early.

New Study Reveals: Rats hate Sweet N Low

CNN reports on a new study done on rats that indicates that sugar substitutes actually caused the rats to gain a significant amount of weight as opposed to the rats that were fed sugar.

The use of sugar substitutes has always been controversal, particularly because they contain chemicles like Aspartame, Chlorline, etc. There are an equal amount of studies and websites pointing both ways and trying to figure out where you can consume it or not can get just as bewildering. swears it's safe. says it's a toxic poison. Chemicals like Aspartame are used in everything from Coke Zero to Sweet N Low, and uninformed consumers can think of it as a wonder drug that allows them to get their cake and eat it too.

My take? As someone who has been both super healthy and super overweight, the honest to goodness truth is that too much of anything is bad. The truth to real health is portion control and balance. Whether or not you think Asparateme is a poison, you shouldn't be drinking 3 cokes a day, anyway.

And before sugar gets on it's high horse, remember that sugar itself? Is bleached.

I'm just saying.

For the hard core truth, SkinnyBitch is a tough-love kind of book that curses you out and withholds no truth about the food you're eating.

It also takes any joy you have out of eating, unless you seriously enjoy eating nuts and tofu, but... still, it's good to be informed.

Friday, February 8, 2008

DirectTV is my anti-drug

Not to say I don't have some problems with my satellite provider, but sometimes, this company is awesome.

Taking a page from TIVO, the company has now linked up DIRECTTV PLus receivers with the DVR Scheduler. What that means is that if you're like me, and constantly forget to set stuff you actually mean to record, you can log in on line, choose the program on your TVlistings and presto! It's recording for you when you get home.

Now that's what I call... well, biting off of TIVO, but also, AWESOME.

In other news, The Terminator chicks continue to be bad ass, if not a little clueless, when in this week's Sarah Connor Chronicles, the soccor moms lose John. This proves to be a nice little learning exercise for Sarah, who realizes she has to loosen the stranglehold she has on her son in order to let him grow into the man who saves the world, and allows John to stop being such a wussy wuss and actually kick some accidental and idiotically planned ass. Meanwhile Cameron gets to torture a guy, strand him in a minefield, call Sarah irrational, visit the place of her birth, and steal a momento from the occassion: a piece of super strong metal from which she is built.

Meanwhile, on that OTHER show that's in the same show - Terminator gets plastic surgery, and turns into THAT guy (Garret Dillihunt), who does all that awesome character work on The 4400 , Deadwood, No Country For Old Men, Life and just about every show you've ever seen. Which means of course that new Terminator guy will be bad ass. And FBI agent becomes the new Mulder, with a strangely more friendly Catherine Dent as his skeptical Skully, as he begins to put together pieces that don't fit. Of course no one believes him, particularly the little pipsqueak FBI agent who keeps trying to undermine him.

Also, on American Gladiators, part II of the semi finals kicks off this Monday, with this week's episode knocking out Siene (who wore out her welcome REAL quick with all her friggin' crying. There's no crying in the Gladiator Arena!) and the cutie fireman, who stood no chance next to cutie salesman Evan, who cleared the eliminator in 1 minute, 20 seconds. Unless the guy pulls a ham string in the finals, he's unbeatable. Crush continues to be awesome, Wolf continues to crack me up, and Titan is the biggest ham that ever hammed. Also? Siren finally proves her worth when she kicks complete ass on the rings.

Left to compete are the muscly minister versus the other guy, and does it really matter since Evan will cream them both? Also: Venus versus Soccor Mom. Venus posted a 3 and a half minute eliminator time, Soccor Mom: 2minutes. Again with the no point.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Sometimes I Really Want Another Cat.

And then I remember why I don't have one anymore.