Monday, July 6, 2009

If I Can't See It, It Doesn't Exist

Ah, the three day weekend. Short enough to not really feel like a real vacation, but long enough to throw you so out of wack on Monday that you're sleeping in, stumbling out of bed, and chugging coffee (or in my case, coke zero). Still, would you give up a three day weekend so you wouldn't have to worry about getting in your groove the beginning of next week? I thought not.

Thalia in particular had an interesting weekend, heading out for a day of sun and fun at the Softball Tournament playing in Fountain Valley on Saturday, and then freaking the hell out when she was taken to the free fireworks display at the coliseum in Los Angeles. It couldn't be helped. The 4th of July by my house is a barrage of insanity thanks to the tons of little ruffians who light off illegal sparks all up and down the street. It was take her with me or leave her alone to deal with THAT mess.

Unfortunately, the little puppy doesn't even like airplines (and barks her very hardest when they pass by), you can imagine her reaction when the sky started lighting up. Her solution? Bury her head underneath my shirt and pretend none of it was really happening.

Don't you wish that coping mechanism worked in real life?

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