Thursday, August 13, 2009

This is what you call a Support System!?

My bra broke.

Seriously. It burst open while I was at work. And it happened just as I was settling down to work. And I'm wearing a low-cut dress today that can just skirt by as appropriate office attire if I safety pin the top closer together. If I don't I look like I'm going to a strip club for a wet t-shirt contest.

But now my safety pin has been upgraded to bra-fixer, which means i have had to go all MacGuyver and use a binder clip to try to keep the girls from spilling out.

In my distress I emailed the story to a few friends. One yelled at me because apparently the subject line : OMG MY BOOBS BURST OUT OF MY BRA isn't exactly appropriate to send to a work email from a conservative Christian organization, and my other friend apparently was in the middle of a conference call when her laptop (Projected on the screen with 25 doctors in the room) screen also showed up with that as that newest subject line.

Okay that was funny. But still. My boobs and I are officially at war.

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