Wednesday, December 5, 2007

A Shot of Love With Tila Tequila: Mexico!

What Went Down:
Tila and the final three head down to Mexico for a mini vacation, with three overnight dates with Amanda, Bobby and Dani (in that order) and swimming with dolphins, zipping through the tree tops and an exclusive pool party in what appeared to be an abandoned hotel. Also? Incredibly awkward morning after breakfasts, where the two people who didn’t get the spend the night with Tila were forced to make nice with each other while Tila cooed over whoever was in her favor.

Also? Amanda cried (in a bad way), Tila cried (in a good way), Bobby and Amanda dressed in drag, and Dani has this thing in the bag.

Despite her best efforts to trash Dani, and her shared ex-junkie past with Tila, Amanda was sent home.

What I think:

Now that it’s down to the final three, A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila has gotten serious. Well, as serious as someone who likes to pole dance on firemen’s poles and have a chocolate pudding party can be.

Gone are the silly and pointless guys-against-girls competitions and eating of the penis and balls. The big red bed that previously had 30 guys and girls is now overflowing with empty space.

The result? A surprisingly watchable show. The real emotions are starting to seep through, and as a resulte, we're seeing less of a Cheerleader!Tila and more of the girl who seems to be in way over her (slightly slutty) head.

As for our final three? This competition has become less about friendship and more about Tila. Which I’m sure Tila’s perfectly fine with.

As the last guy standing, Bobby is feeling pretty confident, but even he now is feeling the pinch of Tila's obvious preference for the ladies. He's hurt that Tila could say she likes him and then be all over Dani, he's upset that he has to share her, and any lingering preconvictions that he has any sort of advantage as the male has completely dissapated.

Amanda is trying hard to make it happen for herself. She knows her clock is ticking, and it's crunch time. Aware that Dani’s confidence in remaiing aren’t that unfounded, she now takes it upon herself to try and put a dent in Tila’s affection for Dani, and tries to throw Bobby the farmboy under a bus while she's at it. It's the 'they're so horrible I look awesome in comparison' strategy.

As a result, she seriously screws up her game. Bobby? Okay. He’s kinda coming off as a whiny douche, but accusing Dani of promiscuity? First of all, Dani? Buff. Gay. Firefighter. Of course she’s going to be swimming in women! And two – in what world would TILA FREAKING TEQUILA judge someone over that?

Amanda doesn't seem to see the signals that Tila cares more about the fact that she's giving her dirt on Dani than actually spending time with Amanda to begin with. Nor does it register that Tila uses the word 'stung' when describing how she felt when she heard that Dani was a lotta ladies lover.

In other words - she doesn't see it coming. Amanda? You've gotten yourself trapped in the big-boobed friend zone.

Meanwhile, Dani refuses to bad mouth her competitors, and gives a toast that brings Tila to tears. Like… literal sobby tears.

If Dani doesn’t win this thing, I will be so effin surprised.

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