Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Gina Carano on ESPN's E: 60

American Gladiators premiered last night with a two hour revised version of the S1 revamp. There were new Gladiators, including S1 Contestants Evan and Monica, and new events, and of course, the return of some old favorites, including MMA Fighter Gina Carano, aka Crush, who remains undefeated in her events: Pyramid and Joust.

The microscope will be even more focused on her, as she returns to her roots: a fight on MAY 31st against fellow Muay Thai fighter Kaitlin Young, to be broadcast on CBS.

Should be interesting, as she is still filming American Gladiators and has to now train for both.

ESPN is catching the CRUSH Fever, particularly in light of this pretty important fight (how often do you see Women's MMA get the attention that it's getting because of Carano?), and she was featured in ESPN's show E:60. Interesting look, particularly through the eyes of fellow fighter and dissenter Tara LaRosa, aruably the number one female fighter in the world.

Take a look.

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