Wednesday, May 28, 2008

If I were a Gladiator - Gina Fights Back

American Gladiator fever has struck my household, so much that my little sister has decided on an American Gladiator themed birthday party, featuring a 'come as your favorite Gladiator' dress up. Currently, Crush is being fought over tooth and nail, because, quite simply, she is awesome.

Which you would already know if you were watching American Gladiators this season. The MMA fighter is as yet undefeated on one on one events, and the girl is getting a hell of a work out. Last episode she trounced a former military cop on the pyramid (losing her helmet in the process) and then proceeded to be hit on by a trophy wife (revealing a blush), before pounding the crap out of both trophy girl and army cop, celebrating with a booty dance.

Of course, she may need the exercise. Her upcoming fight with Kaitlin Young is now this weekend, and Kaitlin Young, a fierce Muay Thai girl herself, will pull no punches.

Now that the Gladiator season is done filming, Gina Carano has taken to promoting and training for her sport, and luckily, this much hyped fight is happy to provide training footage.

Will she make weight? Will the lack of training time affect her? Will she kick ass?

No clue.

Of course there's more to the Gladiators than Crush. While there's no sign of Siren, the red-headed vixen, word is out that she had to sit out the first five days due to an injury. Titan continues to dominate the joust, and Wolf is getting better on Hang Tough. The female gladiators have kicked it up a notch. First season champion Monica aka Jet is getting her feel for the arena, but newcomer Pheonix is scarily good at kicking ass, and Venom continues to be the most consistently solid underrated female gladiator.

Hellga continues to be useless.

But your mileage may vary.

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