Wednesday, June 11, 2008

RIP, Froggy Friend...

I lost a frog this morning.

One of my African Dwarf frogs and that freaks me out because he was only 2 and a half and so far has been the happiest camper ever. I bought these floating lily pad things that are supposed to help the fry hide, but the happiest inhabitants of those bushes seem to be the small cherry red and zebra striped shrimp I've got, and my two frogs.

They hang out up top like lily pads and just chill for hours. Tubby also uses it, since he's blind and can only use one limb he tires out easy and so he digs himself into this one spot and just kinda... hangs there.

Of course that requires way more hands on care with a fish than I've ever done before, because every morning at feeding time, and at night, I have to help him wiggle his way out so he can eat food.

Still, I'm bummed about the frog. He was a sweetie and now his mate is alone. Plus I can't figure out why he died, which means I need to really clean the tank tonight, and test the PH, because the last thing I need is a mass killing, considering I've got two baby fish in there who are still developing.

Tanks are work.

Mona the african dwarf frog.

Rest in Piece, Max, my Froggy Friend.

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