Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Sex & the City turns Girls into Geeks

Okay, I'll admit it. I'm not a fashionista. I'm not even close. Everything I've learned about fashion comes from two sources: My sisters and The Devil Wears Prada. That doesn't mean I can't dress well on ocassion (my sisters wouldn't let me out of the house if I couldn't), just that the only reason I know who Tom Ford is because it was a piece of trivia on the brilliant but cancelled Ryan Murphy series Popular.

Sex & the City therefore, to me? Was just a show. A very fun show with pretty (but sometimes silly) clothes and impossibly painful shoes, but just a show that I liked to watch. I never considered it a Bible because a) I don't live in NY, b) if I thought in never ending puns like Carrie Bradshaw does I'd drive myself crazy (and there are enough voices in my head) and c) I don't give two wits about clothes. Sure, I own a coach purse or two, but on a day by day? I shop at Ross (do you love it?).

Still, when the movie debuted, I was reasonably excited. Not enough to buy the first series of tickets out on the market, but something I fully intend on seeing.

Now, I'm having second thoughts. I don't think I'm quite dressed for it.

The gaggles of women who have flocked to the Sex & the City screenings in designer shoes and high priced dresses astounds me. Some even bring cocktails. Yesterday I was forced to wait for the elevator behind three girls in identically shaped dresses and tottering on absurdly high heels, and they weren't going to for drinks or to a club; they were going to a movie.

Maybe it's not as absurd as I think it is, but after seeing hoards and hoards of women in skimpy dresses and unreasonable heels battle escalators and stadium seats for the sake of watching 'their' movie, I can't help but think of ... those star wars geeks that everyone makes fun of. You know the ones. The ones who go around dressing up like Jedi's and Yodas and Stormtroopers and stand in line for days to watch movies and go to cons and learn new fake languages. You know, the ones that all these chicks make fun of.

... and they're doing the exact same thing.

Geeks, own it. Sex & the City has done an awesome thing. It hath turned them into us.

See you all at Comic Con.

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