Friday, March 6, 2009

My Diamond Shoes Are Too Tight...

The problem with suddenly getting a life (and by a life I mean people randomly dragging you out at all hours of the night, working in your own interest), is that it completely disrupts your inner geek.

How are you supposed to spend all hours of the night hunting down zombies on Left 4 Dead or tending to your inner rock star on Rock Band 2 and Guitar Hero if you're dead tired from stumbling in at 2 in the morning?

How are you supposed to look your poor puppy in the eyes when she gives you that soulful glare that lets you know she's fully aware that you missed your morning walk with her because you were too busy sleeping through your alarm?

How do you battle the curse of being a morning person when your eyes open at 5AM, determined to work out but you're too dead tired to do anything but lay pitifully in your bed?

You aren't really. Geeks and Party Girls exist in different universes, and attempting to mend the two requires more than a social experience like Beauty and the Geek and a good pair of shoes.

While I put concealer over the bags under my eyes and rub my poor aching feet and consider a solution in which I really CAN have it all, I ponder the Hawaii Chair. I wants it. To watch TV with. Then my aching feet will get a rest from weight lifting and running, and yet my core will still be astounding. No seriously. I won't look silly at all.

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