Monday, March 9, 2009

You Want Action? We'll Give You Action: Zoe Bell in Angel of Death

Any female action junkie knows the name of Zoe Bell, stuntwoman extraordinaire.

Most of the time her work is behind the scenes, sitting in for dangerous stunts for actresses like Lucy Lawless on Xena, Uma Thurman on Kill Bill, and Amy Acker on Alias. Lately, however, she's stepped up her game and been getting more face time for her trouble, in films such as Grindhouse:Deathproof and the upcoming Bitch Slap.

Now she's got a webseries in which she can be bad ass and awesome, and kick some more ass, all with a knife stuck in her head.

It's bloody and gory and awesome. And there's a new episode every day. If you liked Kill Bill, go check out Angel of Death on Crackle.

The stunts are AMAZING, the fight scenes tight and well cheoragraphed, and Zoe Bell is ... Zoe Bell. And that's a good thing. That's a very good thing.


  1. So.. Jennifer Garner on Alias... or Amy Acker on Angel... or was the Acker actually on Alias (worlds collide).

  2. Nup. Amy Acker was actually on Alias for a stint. i wuz totally right. ;-)