Friday, April 3, 2009

Alejandara Guzman: Mexican Rock Star

One lazy day when I was a preteen, I remember sitting around with my family watching, of all things, a marathon of 'The Munsters' on basic In between commercial breaks, there were 'man on the street' interviews taken with people shopping on Rodeo Drive. As my family chattered about, I found myself distracted when on the screen appeared a familiar face.

"Isn't that Alejandra Guzman?" I asked, confused as all hell, because what the hell was a Mexican Rock Star doing being interviewed as a man on the street segment for the Munsters?

No one paid attention to me, so I scooted closer to the television and squinted my eyes. At closer inspection, it appeared Ms. Guzman was just as confused. She smiled brightly at the camera, speaking in heavily accented English, explaining she was here from Mexico for a shopping excursion, with a questioning look behind her designer glasses. It became clear that she thought she had been recognized.

It also became clear that they did not know who the hell she was.

Finally, she couldn't take the obscurity, and before they cut, yelled out into the microphone, "I am Mexican Rock Star!"

"Sure you are," the guy with the microphone said.

My jaw dropped. That WAS Alejandra Guzman!

To understand the travesty of this little gem of a moment, you have to understand. Ms. Guzman is to Mexicans what Madonna is to Americans, but less insane, more crazy, and less prone to British Accents.

She's a rockstar I've grown up with. I've seen her in concert, I own her albums, and to see her in between The Munsters episodes, shouting in her heavily accented English, "I am Mexican Rock Star!" has been a moment that has stuck in my head for years.

She has now been in the business for twenty years, and is still awesome. And got a lifetime award for it from the Mexican equivalent to the Grammys.

To prove how awesome she is, watch the attached youtube clip. And maybe the next time an expensively dressed gorgeous woman in sunglasses shopping on Rodeo Drive shouts, "I am Mexican Rock Star!", you'll believe her.

Stupid Munsters People.

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