Monday, April 27, 2009

In Which I Get My Life Back

This weekend, after nearly a year of planning, my lovely older sister officially became a married woman when she committed to a life with a sweet boy from Michigan, in a country club in front of 200 or so of her closest friends and family.

The Day After Grill Party

On the sidelines, her sisters, her co-maid of honors, couldn't stop bawling.

It's the culmination of a long, long road for my sister, and the start of a brand new journey, in which she is now her own family, with her own husband and in-laws, and it's no longer the three of us against the world.

I'm so, so happy for her. I'm happy the wedding went off without a hitch or major drama. I'm happy that the man she's marrying is a genuinely good man who loves her unconditionally and comes from a great family who is equally fantastic. I'm happy everyone fit into their dresses, and there were no last minute hijinks with missing rings or any resulting drama with a random ex.

I'm also very happy that it's over.

Because now that my sister had her perfect (not exactly perfect but we're going to remember it that way, dammit. Try to tell me otherwise) wedding weekend, I'm going to go back to saving my money and working on my single life.

Which means actual time to blog.

But I'm going to sleep for about a week first.

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