Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Being Mexican Means Getting Locked Out of Your House

The weekend passed by with a varying state of affairs. It was my Mom and my god-daughter's birthday, concurrently, so that pretty much filled up my dance card. Particularly when the greedy god-daughter in question showed up on Saturday for her present and stayed the whole weekend.

Saturday was nice though, because I got to see My Fair Lady at the Ahmanson, and it was AWESOME. Totally made up for Sweeney Todd. Startlingly, it was so amazingly like the film that it was almost distracting, but there were a few things that were done with the musical that made it even more awesome. For one, there was a fierce implication in this version that Colonel Pickering was gay. None of the dialogue was different, but certain throwaway lines, and looks were now laden with meaning, and it caused for absolute riotous spurts of laughter from the audience. The actress who played Eliza Doolittle was the alternate, but she had an absolutely lovely voice, and looked absolutely stunning in the over-the-top gowns that were prepared for her. And the song numbers featuring Eliza's Dad, usually my least favorite in the film, were absolutely show-stopping. They completely took over the show, and the theatre, and by the time 'With a Little Bit O' Luck' finished, the entire audience was on their feet, clapping. It was a really great time.

Also? Upcoming season for the Pantages is gonna be fantastic. Legally Blonde! I don't care if it's cheesy. It's awesome.

Sunday was not too great. I was on my way to PETCO with my god-daughter and the pups, my mom and sister were on their way to Old Navy, when we were invaded by Larios. Larios are my dearly beloved first cousins, of which there are nine. Five girls. Very young. Adorable. Result in a lot of energy. They own the house next door (I know. That's so Mexican) and it's currently vacant, so they're doing repairs to it. They came without calling first, and met us on the porch as we were leaving. In a fit of stupidit- er... generosity, I offered my Tia my key so they could let themselves in while I went to Petco, since mine was a relatively simple errand and I would be back shortly.

It was a simple errand. I got baby fish food and little shoes made out of rawhide that the pups like to chew on, and came home to an empty and locked house. I discovered then that my aunt had decided on a whim to accompany my mother to Old Navy, and take with her, my key.

The result? I was locked out of my house for two hours, stranded with kids and pups. Annoyed. And cold. With an IPOD, but, in a picture of irony, no headphones to hear it with.

Two hours later, my mom finally gets home, and relays to me some story about being harrased by cops for double parking and somehow forcing a female officer to give her an apology at the precinct. After she was done shopping.

Which I would have been fine with if she wasn't demanding an apology from the copy while I WAS WAITING OUTSIDE OF MY HOUSE.

But whatever. I'm over it. I am.

Next week? Poppies. No, not in Oz. In Antelope Valley. There's a story to go with that, but that's for another post.

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  1. So glad you're excited about our 2009 Season at the Pantages, Misty. We're certainly excited to be bringing so many great shows to Hollywood ... including "Legally Blonde," which is so, like, awesome! :)