Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Faerie Tale Theatre - Nostalgia Makes a Comeback

Am I the only one who remembers Faerie Tale Theatre? It ran in the eighties, was produced by Shelley Duvall and featured some of the best character actors in the day working to recreate live action versions of classic fairy tales. This meant you got to see Robin Williams and Eric Idle put on their take of 'The Frog Prince' and Jennifer Beals glam it up with a stuttering Mathew Broderick in 'Cinderella'.

I remember loving these episodes as a child, and when I saw the set on sale at costco, I grabbed it. I'm also apparently the only person on the planet who remembers it.

Doesn't matter. It's gold.

To take a gander, check out their version of 'Snow White' on google video. Also found The Pied Piper of Halmin, Jack & the Beanstalk, Sleeping Beauty and Beauty & the Beast.

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  1. NOT the only one. You have the box set I hate you nowwww