Wednesday, April 9, 2008

The Biggest Loser: WOOHOO!

I got pulled into the Biggest Loser by accident. I have friends who watch it, and if we were hanging out, and it was on, that was what we'd watch.

I kept watching, because I need to shed some extra poundage and watching this and the awesomness that is Ninja Warrior kept me relatively inspired, though i did have my problems with the obvious show manipulation that put the females and distinct disadvantages. Particularly when Trainer Bob stacked his team with big, lots of fat to loose boy, apparently desperate to stack up a win against Trainer Jillian, who has had a part in every winning Biggest Loser guy thus far.

I didn't expect to get SO invested that I would actually squeal out loud when, down to the final four, the two remaining women pulled out massive weight loss numbers to beat out the two remaining men. I actually squealed. Out loud. And felt like a dork doing it.

Watching Kelly and Ali come from behind and secure a place in the finals was a sweet, sweet pay off to a frustrating season where the boysclub has continually dominated the game, and made absolutely sure that the women knew it.

Roger, Mr. Biggest Loser-Shoo-In, was mostly to blame for the over competitive frat prank of it all, and while I'm not a fan of 'AMERICA VOTES' angle that was thrust about the group at the last minute, I'm going to pitch in my vote for Mark, who at least seems to have learned that acting like a jackass on TV does not a fan make.

Vote Mark!

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