Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Bloated Cheese - The Gladiators Return In May

According to a recent article, the two hour American Gladiator's premiere of the second season will air in May. In a perfect world, two hours would be dedicated to more events and less talking and use of the word 'brother' by Hulk Hogan but... chances are slim that will happen.

Oh well, more Crush is more Crush.

In related news, there is apparently more than a few casting shake ups with the Gladiators, with rumors abounding that producers are concerned that because of the large size of some of the Gladiators, there is a general assumption that they're all on 'roids. Cause Hellga? Totally natural. Right. Beause of that, they're looking to cast more 'natural' looking Gladiators - what does this mean? Well, we know for sure Wolf and Crush had been officially asked back, but residant mountanous gladiators like Toa, Justice, Mayhem, and Hellga, might be on the bubble.

Take Hellga, Producers, but leave me my Toa.

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