Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Gemini Division Episode 1: Undercover Lover

Gemini Division has officially premiered, and the first episode was already five minutes of really, really intriguing stuff.

In a series of video-calls to an unnamed contact, Anna Diaz (Rosario Dawson) tells her story. First, she gleefully explains that she has been surprised by her boyfriend (Justin Hartley) with a romantic vacation, her very first. The second video finds her glee maximized because she has been proposed to, but has yet to say yes.

Things take a serious, dark turn when she reveals that she suspects they were being tailed, and suddenly there are larger things at work here, than just a romantic getaway.

The ending is a punch in the gut, and it's just made me gasp. Please, go watch NOW. The second episode is also online. New episodes every weekday.

Watch the Pilot and the Second episode, and download for free.

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  1. Its so important for the interactive TV genre that Gemini Division puts on a good showing. This is the kind of innovative product that exploits the interactivity of the internet and changes the lean back viewing experience of traditional TV into something far more engaging. Its success would bring much needed attention to the indie interactive web scene.

    Signing Rosario Dawson is a great choice, a sci-fi plot is a great choice, they've got a great storyteller in Brent Friedman, only thing I'm not so happy about is the staged release international (Gemini Division will be released first in the US then international by Sony). But I suspect the EFE team had a lot of breaking down walls to do in the deal making room as the vanguard.

    The $1.75M budget is HUGE for the web TV world but my hope is that a nice chunk of that is allocated to marketing (and you can count Rosario’s paycheck in that) to bring attention to the nascent interactive web series genre … indies like ours (www.deletedthegame.com) will gladly ride this coat tail.

    Deleted: The Game