Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Money doesn't grow on trees, but Wishes Do: The Pasadena Wishing Trees

Last weekend my sister came up from Dallas for the weekend. She's getting married, you see, and she's having it down here in LA. Which is great, honestly, but I'm not really the best ... planner.

Nor am I all that into frilly girly stuff. To ask me to go with you to meet with Photographers, look at wedding favors, and try on bridesmaid dresses that all look the same? Worse than Chinese water torture. I'm just saying.

That said, I still sucked it up and joined my sister for a weekend in Pasadena, looking at hotel rooms, limping through Downtown LA's fashion district and flower markets, and running screaming from over enthusiastic booth hosts at the Queen Mary's Bridal Expo, chanting rapidly, "I'M NOT THE BRIDE! LEAMMEALONE!"

It was a nice suprise however, early on Saturday, to wander into a courtyard in Old Town Pasadena and discover a dozen or so trees covered with little paper tags. Closer inspection revealed them to be Yoko Ono's wishing trees. It's a project she's put together in which there are tags and pencils provided, and you can write your own wish and place it on the trees with the others. Feeling sentimental, I grabbed a few and conned my family into writing their own wishes and placing them on the trees.

There just so happened to be a photographer there from the local paper, who snapped me snapping my sister placing her wish on the tree.

We're so famous, yo. ;-)

Joking aside, it was a sweet, quiet moment in a weekend of insanity, and I was grateful for it.

The Pasadena Wishing Tree

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