Monday, August 4, 2008

Gina Carano to Fight In October

Gina Carano (63), originally uploaded by The Funky Buddha.

Looks like the partner fight has been set up for the upcoming Gina Carano fight to take place in October for EliteXC. According to, sources are NOT scouting South American 'Cyborg' Chris Santos, as indicated in the last broadcast fight, but rather Kelly Kobold-Gavin, who is 16-2, but coming off a loss.

Either way, the real question will be if the American Gladiator will be able to cut the weight she needs to silence the dissenters in the MMA community.

Still, any Gina Carano on my television is a blessing, particularly since American Gladiator's finale airs TONIGHT on NBC, and then she'll be off our screens for that weekly fix.

Oh Crush - what will we do without you?

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