Saturday, January 3, 2009

DINELA - Fancy A Bite To Eat?

DINELA is back with a vengeance this year, and it's your chance, if you're not on a diet like me, to try some of Los Angeles' many restaurants for a fraction of the price you usually pay for eating out.

We're talking three course meals. With dessert. For cheap. At fabulous restaurants.

I must wrestle with my inner self as to whether or not this can compete with my yearly New Years diet resolution.

On the home front -

-Klaus has gone to his forever home, and I am now down one reckless little kitty. It's both a relief and a loss. I'll miss that little purring monster, but I'm really happy that she's now going to be somewhere warm and happy and loved. Quite a change from the starving little fuzzball I found shivering and blinded beside my dad's grill a month ago.

-I have now seen Slumdog Millionaire three times in the theatres. It's no less gripping.

- I've become addicted to XBOX Live and Left 4 Dead. Who knew killing zombies could be so thrilling and frustrating?

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