Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

I haven't had a kitten for quite some time. I'm recently discovering why they're so much work - it seems they go out of their way to cause enough of a ruckus to be the center of attention ... all the time.

It's okay though, Klaus is going to a nice happy home, and my Christmas deed has been done, fallen into my lap (or my backyard) in the form of a shivering, half starved kitty with infected eyes, who is now a fluffy, prancing little mischief maker who enamours everyone she meets.

Meanwhile, the frazzled foster mother has just been trying to survive the holidays. Loads of family time is amazing and appreciated, but family and friends can be exhausting for a brooding writer who likes to be independant.

But great fun was had - including a trip to Disneyland (in which I finally saw a Disneyland Parade and went 'eh'), an ice skating trip in Downtown Los Angeles (in which I discovered that I absolutely SUCK at ice skating, and didn't move an inch for fear I would bowl over some kid and kill them), the yearly Christmas tamales (in which me and my grandmother handmade over a 100 tamales and nearly killed our backs for it, but man they came out yummy), and hours wasted away banging on plastic drums thanks to a brand new Rock Band 2 for my XBOX 360. And Left 4 Dead.

I've discovered I have a thing for killing zombies.

Still, I decree this the year I grow up - and finally finish that damn novel.

Happy New Year!

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