Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Because I'm A Sap: Top TV Couples of the Moment

I'm a romantic at heart, and even though some of these couples are just pipe dreams, it's always fun to dream, isn't it?

My Top Television Couples

1. Chloe & Clark - Smallville

Smallville screws me over time and time again, and yet the reason I can't quite give up on the damned show is because of Chloe & Clark. Despite the fact that Clark has spent seasons mooning over the boring and petulant Lana, Chloe has time and time again revealed herself to be the girl who should be the woman of his dreams. From her unrelenting search for the truth, her promise to keep Clark's secret, and her steadfast refusal to leave Clark's side, even at the expense of her own heart, Chloe is the best friend and sidekick in the world, and although she once confessed that she hoped to be the woman Clark would grow into, it's Clark who needs to become the man that Chloe deserves. And despite his blinders for Lana, Clark has proven more than once that he truly loves and appreciates Chloe - it's just that timing thing that always seems to get them.

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2. Chuck & Sara - Chuck

It's very rare that I go for the obvious OTP, but for this shy nerd and emotionally stunted CIA agent, I'm so easy I'm a slut. Chuck's naive lovestruck earnestness unexpectedly breaks through Sara's hard walls, and that's just devastating, because they CAN'T be together. It's a matter of National Security. Life and Death. And yet, despite that, I just root for them because despite the fact that Chuck knows nothing about Sara and she knows everything about him, you get the fact that he truly SEES her and loves her for who she is. And she loves him for it.

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3. Nikki & Helen - Bad Girls

When the new governor of an all-women's prison clashed with an inmate imprisoned for killing a cop who raped her girlfriend, sparks immediately flew. They continued to fly for three seasons, as the well-meaning (and engaged) Helen found herself drawn to the hot-headed but vulnerable Nikki, and found her world tripped upside down because of it. They were star-crossed lovers, and stuck in the unequal world of prisoner and capter, they had no outlet for their feelings and no way of getting over them. The result was three seasons of tumulteous power struggles and genuine affection, and a fascinating, gorgeous love story.

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4. Jack & Liz - 30 Rock

Okay, if this ever happened in real life, it would never work, but Jack & Liz just GET each other, in a weird, happy way. They're best friends and each other's biggest fans, and fully aware that they're emotionally unstunted and incapable of a healthy relationship. Maybe that's why they get along so well, even if he's a big-headed Republican and she's a nuerotic crazy lady.

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5. Lindsay & Cindy - Women's Murder Club

Let's face it - if Cindy or Lindsay was a boy, these two would have been touted as the next meant-to-be Reporter-Cop pairing by the main stream media. Sadly, Women's Murder Club has long since been cancelled, but the energetic reporter with the perfect image recall and the cynical, ball-busting detective she unexpectedly charms will live on in fan fiction. And why not? As two of four women seeking to solve murders and find justice, these were the two most driven by their need for justice and truth. Friends or more, Cindy was the perfect Robin to Lindsay's batman, and in my head, they're still running around San Francisco, solving crimes and kicking ass.

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6. Barney & Robin - How I Met Your Mother

He's a slut, and she's a commitmentphobe, and yet they seem to just get each other. As the former ex-girlfriend of Barney's best friend, she's unattainable, but as Barney the philandering executive has pointed out before, they make a lot of sense. And more than that? He genuinely loves her, something that is rare and puzzling for him indeed. But it was meant to happen. Because they're bros and Barney loves his bros.

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7. Bianca & Maggie - All My Children

They're a supercouple from a soap opera, so you can expect a ton of drama, and Bianca and Maggie brought it in spades. From murdered twins to rape to dead babies, these best friends were there for each other during the worst and best times of their lives, and neither never ever forgot that. They forever remain the love of each other's lives, and hopefully, remain in Paris now, together and in love.

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8. Angel & Cordelia - Angel

I have to admit it. I'm an absolute sucker for best friends who fall in love, and what I loved about Angel and Cordelia (before Angel Season Four screwed it all up), was that they were just that. Friends first, who were there for each other no matter what. They weren't perfect, they would hurt each other deeply, but when it came down to it, this former-Mean Girl and Vampire With a Soul didn't need destiny or kismet. They just had affection, and they knew how to make each other smile in some of the worst moments of their lives. And that's true love.

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Honorable Mentions:
Brian and Justin - Queer As Folk
Joxer & Gabrielle - Xena
Xander & Cordelia - Buffy
Tom & Alana - The 4400
Paul & Isobel - Monarch of the Glen
Tony & Alex - Wire In the Blood
Sharon & Helo - Battlestar Galactica
Dexer & Rita - Dexter
Zach & Kendall - All My Children


  1. Interesting list, but am surprised to see Popular's Brooke and Sam not even merit an honorable mention since you write them so well.

  2. my fav is definately cordy and angel and i love charisma and davids chemistry but i agree that season 4 screwed everything up