Thursday, July 17, 2008

It's Bullet Time: Max Payne Gets A Trailer

Because I'm a gamer, I get geeky over silly stuff that no one else would care about. Case in point? The upcoming Max Payne movie, which has now released a trailer.

Max Payne and Max Payne II are my favorite video games ever. I don't know if it's the over the top dialogue, or the bullet-time, or just the unrelenting noirish cheese, but I'm a sucker for a good story and complicated characters. The Max Payne universe has it in spades. A dark, tragic hero, a serious femme fatale, and bad guys who are ... well... genuinely bad. And not at all stupid.

So of course it was only a matter of time before some movie studio would by the rights to take the great story and make it into a two hour shoot-em-up action flick. As a fan, I was worried. And a little obsessed. Then they cast baby-faced Mark Wahlberg as the iconic, scruffy, pill popping grisled detective Max Payne. More worried. Then they cast impossibly beautiful Mila Kunis as Mona Sax. I was... surprised. I got a hold of the script, but haven't had a chance to read it. So far it looks like it's going to follow the first game pretty much to a Tee, but with more Mona, which means Mila, best known for playing screechy rich girl Jackie on That '70s Show and helping that guy on How I Met Your Mother get over Sarah Marshall, has her work cut out for her, playing the bad ass hardened assasin Mona Sax.

And now we have a trailer:

It's very very pretty.

Content? We'll see. But at least Mila Kunis looks the part. And Mark Walhberg got the scruffy voice down.

Off Topic but still relevant:

It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia, the screwball comedy about four losers (and Danny Devito) who run a bar, has been picked up for 39 more episodes. That's a LOT of underachieving to giggle at.

The Emmy Nominations came out. 30 Rock continues to rule all, but Two and Half Men? Again? Seriously? Are all the emmy voters over 60? And who on earth still thinks Boston Public is one the best shows on television? Are we stuck in a repeat? New blood, please. NEW BLOOD! Color me thrilled though, that Kathy Griffin got a nomination for 'Straight to Hell'. She already told Jesus to suck it and outed Barbara Walters as a lube user. I don't know what else she can do to offend the masses.

Joss Whedon took over the internet with a web miniseries musical starring Neil Patrick Harris and Nathan Fillon called 'Dr. Horrible's Musical Sing-Along'. For the record? I hated the Buffy Musical. I thought it sucked. I'm still watching this. You should too. Watch it. Because everyone else already is.

Also, as if Wii can't get any sillier, they're giving us light sabers. Honestly, people, these things aren't making it any easier for us twenty-something losers to grow up.

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