Wednesday, July 30, 2008

So yesterday I was watching a preview of Chuck Season Two On youtube

When the ground started rolling. Seriously. Rolling. At first I thought that someone was just running down the hallway, but then it wouldn't stop. Puzzled, I glanced up and saw the hanging light fixtures above me begin to sway. And then I thought, wow this is a seriously long earthquake, and I'm on the 26th floor.

What's interesting about that is that I knew if anything really DID happen and our building collapsed, I'd be pretty much screwed. As in dead. There's an odd peace about that. I've lived in LA since I was two, so I just kept right on typing while my new work associate came out of his office. A recent New York transplant, he was certainly shaken. Everyone was looking for direction, and then we were evacuated. Which meant a long trek down 26 floors.

Seriously? I didn't like it. I don't know how firemen do it. My legs hurt so much right now. I need a massage.

And it was my birthday. Quite a way to celebrate.

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