Thursday, July 3, 2008

Got an unusual surprise this morning...

I live in the ghetto, but my Dad, who grew up on a farm in Mexico, sometimes forgets that, and as a result we have an abundance of plants in our backyard. It's a little freaky honestly. We're tripping over plums and tomatoes and figs and avocados and now, a small pineapple, that he's especially proud of.

Because of the whole 'ghetto' thing and my dad's plant menagerie, we sometimes get more of the urban wildlife than we'd like. Particularly squirrels and stray cats. The squirrels eat our plums and avocados and the cats like to dig into our basement and have a colony of feral cats that we then have to trap and take the shelter. One time I found a cockatiel.

Anywayz, early this morning I was taking the dogs out for their morning peepee, when I heard an odd scuffle. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw something fluffy, that could either be a rat or a kitten. Taking the chance, I walked over and there, hidden behind my dad's tomato plants, was a teeny tiny kitten, scared out of his or her mind and hissing like there was tomorrow.

Unsure what else to do (since I had dogs and the Mom was nowhere in sight), I scooped up the little guy and brought him in. Bad mistake. I'm already taken with the little bugger. As is my Mom, who has decided, even if we're not sure if we're going to keep it, that it shall be named Indy (for Independance Day). Thalia wants absolutely nothing to do with the foul smelling creature (Odd considering she's the one who actually grew up with a cat), but Lucy has decided that the new kitty is her new toy. She wags her tail, wines incessently, and begs and pleads and does every trick in the book that usually gets her a treat, in an effort to be given the cat.

Thus far her pleas have gone unheeded.

So now I've got a kitty in need of a vet appointment and some TLC. Anyone in LA need a kitty?


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