Sunday, July 6, 2008

Weekend went by fast, but the kitty is still with us.

Went by like lightning, with a lot of things done, which I will post to my blog later, but of course, had to update on the kitty.

Thalia and the kitty

The feralness is almost completely gone now, after spending the entire weekend with me. She's bouncing around, pooping and peeing regularly, and gets along well with the dogs. Thalia has adopted a 'i'll sniff you when I'm curious but otherwise let's just ignore each other' stance, whereas Lucy has fallen completely in love. She bounds into my room first thing in the morning in search for the little ball of fluff, and a good part of her day is spent chasing after it, licking it repeatedly, and whining when it can't be found.

On the kitty's part, she's doing well. She recognizes my voice now and comes to me when I call her, and has learned how to use the litter box, eat solid foods, and climb the bed. Quite a surprise when I wake up to a purring pile of fuzz underneath my chin. She doesn't cry when she's picked up anymore, and has taken to spending most of her day playing with anything she can find, including the dogs. It breaks my heart that we can't keep her. But I have a deathly allergic grandmother who lives with us, and the family's firm 'no cats' policy, so we're working hard to try to find her a home, and get her to a vet for her eye infection. Thus far it's manageable with a little drop of visine and regular cleaning, but she does need to go to the vet soon.

Because kittens are cute, and because she needs a home, and because Lucy fawning over her is adorable, I uploaded a quick music video with some of her antics. No name for the kitty yet, it's the one thing that's keeping me from getting too attached. Downside? She's starting to answer to kitty, and comes out of her hiding places whenever she hears the word. Oops.

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