Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The Cost of Christmas

I love Christmas. I'll admit it. I'm the biggest Christmas geek. I'm the christmas music playing, gingerbread house making, gift basket giving, perfect tree finding, stocking stuffer, santa suit-dog wearing christmas geek.

But man does it bite into my finances every year. This year? I'm determined not to over spend. The problem is, of course, I love Christmas so much. I love giving gifts, and seeing people get so excited when they open them.

So... it's me fighting against my Christmas Gift Giving demon.


Here's a few ways to keep it in perspective:

The Cost of Christmas - You think that Partridge in a Pear Tree comes cheap?

The 13 Worst Holiday Spending Blunders - Sadly, I've fallen sucker for nearly ever single one of these scenarios.

12 Rules for Regifting Without Fear - Dude. I know. But everyone does it.

Have a Tightwad's Christmas - You know those cheap people? Don't you want to live like them, like just for a minute? They always have money!

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