Thursday, November 8, 2007

MOVIE: No Country For Old Men

I don't get the cinema nowadays as nearly as I used to - because I'm broke and half the time there are other things I'd rather do than play russian roulette with my time and risk sitting through another real stinker (I'm still scarred by The Brave one - how shitty was that girl's luck? Did she have to run into EVERY creep in New York? I'm never going there. Ever. Geez).

Still, when a good friend invites you to a screening of the latest Coen Brothers' movie - you friggin' go.

This movie is just... stunning. In every sense of the word. It's not preachy. For a movie adapted from a novel - its dialogue is meticulously scarce. Everything that needs to be said is visualized through amazing sweeps of both claustrophobic hotel rooms, barren, dusty deserts, stern calculated characters and deadly, focused killers.

In order to prevent the risk of giving anything away, I won't say anything else - but when No Country For Old Men comes to your theatre? Go see it.

On the largest screen you can find.

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