Sunday, November 18, 2007

WGA to Resume Negotiations

It was announced by both sides that strike negotiations will resume on November 26th. While it's not a resolution, it's certainly a start. - LINK

There's certainly hope now that this thing will get resolved by Christmas, and that makes me thrilled. Why?

Purely selfish reasons - I've fallen in love with a few new shows this season and quite frankly, I don't want them to go away. I want Chuck, Women's Murder Club and Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles to suceed and if they don't live because of a strike, I'll be sad.

I also don't want my friends out of work any longer than they have to be - because the longer Hollywood is out of commission the more likely it will be that all us little people will be out of a paycheck. Not that we get much as it is.

On the downside, I can only think of every writer's meeting that we've had cancel on us during the strike and the scheduling kerfuffle that will happen once we're given the okay to get them back on the books.


On another tangent - I have discovered another really really bad cheesy movie that's awesome: DOA: Dead or Alive.

Based on the video game of the same name - this movie is the ultimate cheese. Hot women in skimpy outfits 'fight' with the help of wires and enthusiastic stunt men, all the while working together to the cheerful tune of 'girlpower' as they head through a 'Mortal Kombat' knockoff that seems lame-r because no one actually dies.

Also? The acting is silly. But the action scenes are genuinely creative and fun to watch. It's clear that they are what the director focused on, and with good reason. They're the best thing about the film. A fight scene between two of the heroines fighting in the rain is particularly riveting, not because of how awesome it is, but how nicely it's filmed. I mean, it's also totally stolen from 'HERO', 'Fearless' and every other martial arts movie ever made, but still - pretty fun for the cheese factor.

The movie is a long ass action music video. If you like that sorta thing and you appreciate dumb fun, it's worth a shot. If not, then... forget I told you about it.

To save my own reputation, I should probably dig up some actual GOOD movies I'm in love with and recommend them for you.

I'll do that soon.

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