Tuesday, February 19, 2008

American Gladiators Finale: It's All About Crush

Oh yeah... and that soccer Mom lady and cutie Evan speeded their way predictably into American Gladiator Championship.

After two hours of insane filler, I was treated to my last glimpse of the awesome, gorgeous, crazy Crush.

Luckily, she has been invited back for the second season (which films in March and April), but until then, here's a few links for my fellow crush fanatics.

News Articles:

Gina Carano in the new Blood and Bones movie.

Update on Gina Carano's next fight. Also, she's the 3rd top search on yahoo's sports section.

Great article on Gina and how she's reacting to the American Gladiator's fan favorite lime light.

5 Reasons AfterEllen.com has a Crush on Crush.

Read a Couple Quotes about Gina from some fighter's Gina's well... crushed:Tonya Evinger and Julie Kedzie

Gina Carano's interview with Inside MMA on hdnet.net will be reaired on February 23 at 3AM. Set your TIVO. Or hope that they make the episode available online.

Gina's Pro Elite Profile. Lotsa pictures. If you're into that kinda thing.


Gina Carano 'Crush' Tribute featuring Paramore.

Fight Girls Webisodes - she's the hottest mentor ever.

Postfight Interview with Gina - in which she winks.

Gina crushes a reporter in joust - and winks again.

Crush puts her foot down - literally.

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  1. Thanks for all the links. Just FYI, you can see the Inside MMA video here:


    Around 12:15 she talks about her future in AG and follows up with the discussion on women's right to fight MMA. The American Gladiators stuff starts around 45:26, where she talks about the other Gladiators and comparing notes with Laila Ali.

    You should also check out Warrior Nation, because the entire episode is devoted to the fight between Elaina Maxwell and Gina Carano. I can't remember where to find those links, but they're around there somewhere.