Friday, February 8, 2008

DirectTV is my anti-drug

Not to say I don't have some problems with my satellite provider, but sometimes, this company is awesome.

Taking a page from TIVO, the company has now linked up DIRECTTV PLus receivers with the DVR Scheduler. What that means is that if you're like me, and constantly forget to set stuff you actually mean to record, you can log in on line, choose the program on your TVlistings and presto! It's recording for you when you get home.

Now that's what I call... well, biting off of TIVO, but also, AWESOME.

In other news, The Terminator chicks continue to be bad ass, if not a little clueless, when in this week's Sarah Connor Chronicles, the soccor moms lose John. This proves to be a nice little learning exercise for Sarah, who realizes she has to loosen the stranglehold she has on her son in order to let him grow into the man who saves the world, and allows John to stop being such a wussy wuss and actually kick some accidental and idiotically planned ass. Meanwhile Cameron gets to torture a guy, strand him in a minefield, call Sarah irrational, visit the place of her birth, and steal a momento from the occassion: a piece of super strong metal from which she is built.

Meanwhile, on that OTHER show that's in the same show - Terminator gets plastic surgery, and turns into THAT guy (Garret Dillihunt), who does all that awesome character work on The 4400 , Deadwood, No Country For Old Men, Life and just about every show you've ever seen. Which means of course that new Terminator guy will be bad ass. And FBI agent becomes the new Mulder, with a strangely more friendly Catherine Dent as his skeptical Skully, as he begins to put together pieces that don't fit. Of course no one believes him, particularly the little pipsqueak FBI agent who keeps trying to undermine him.

Also, on American Gladiators, part II of the semi finals kicks off this Monday, with this week's episode knocking out Siene (who wore out her welcome REAL quick with all her friggin' crying. There's no crying in the Gladiator Arena!) and the cutie fireman, who stood no chance next to cutie salesman Evan, who cleared the eliminator in 1 minute, 20 seconds. Unless the guy pulls a ham string in the finals, he's unbeatable. Crush continues to be awesome, Wolf continues to crack me up, and Titan is the biggest ham that ever hammed. Also? Siren finally proves her worth when she kicks complete ass on the rings.

Left to compete are the muscly minister versus the other guy, and does it really matter since Evan will cream them both? Also: Venus versus Soccor Mom. Venus posted a 3 and a half minute eliminator time, Soccor Mom: 2minutes. Again with the no point.

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