Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Late to the Party, but still pumped: Dexter

There was once upon a time where I could have pay channels and actually afford them because I worked for a cable network and could therefore write off the bill without much fear of an audit.

Alas, that time has passed, as it has become quite clear that one cannot become a development executive AND a television writer. Like Romeo and Juliet, never shall the two meet. The result is a less than glamorous, very boring, very cushy desk job for a financial firm that allows much time for writing and no ability to write off that pesky cable bill.

As a result, I get only the basics, and that of course, means no Showtime, and no way to really get into a show I've been desperate to see: Dexter.

Thankfully, netflix has provided a fantabulously awesome way to catch up, with their instant streaming viewing that features Dexter as one of the options.

As a result, I've indulged in seven episodes thus far, and what amazes me is the curious medium that's built by a sociopathic character who technically doesn't FEEL but manages to evoke such brilliant emotion from the viewer. Casting certainly has a lot to do with it - characters that would grow tedious under a less subtle actor do really well here. Case in point: Rita, played by Julie Benz. The cowed abused housewife act could very quickly grow tedious, but Benz pays Rita with just the right amount of strength and vulnerability that makes you actually root for her and Dexter; serial killer issues not with standing.

All in all, I may be the last person on the boat, but damn, I'm here to party.

Thanks, Netflix!

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