Monday, February 11, 2008

Strike Casualties: The End of Women's Murder Club?

Now that the strike is nearing it's end, it appears networks are hammering out what shows may or may not be coming back from the fall 2007 season. TVGuide has their take on where favorite shows stand.

The list has few surprises; fan faves like Chuck, 30 Rock, etc are expected to be back, if not this season then the season after; Duds like Bionic Woman and Big Shots have been canned, but one maybe casuality breaks my little heart: Women's Murder Club is on the critical list. Say it ain't so, Joe! While not a flashy serial, it's got four engaging leads and a heck of an acting pool.

If it's done, it's been killed way too early.


  1. I hope WMC comes back as well. After all the crap reality shows we put up with ABC can't let the viewers down!! Please write to ABC

    ask them to give the show a chance...

  2. You know, I never usually write to networks, but I'm totally considering doing that. It would be a shame if this show got killed this early.