Monday, February 11, 2008

New Study Reveals: Rats hate Sweet N Low

CNN reports on a new study done on rats that indicates that sugar substitutes actually caused the rats to gain a significant amount of weight as opposed to the rats that were fed sugar.

The use of sugar substitutes has always been controversal, particularly because they contain chemicles like Aspartame, Chlorline, etc. There are an equal amount of studies and websites pointing both ways and trying to figure out where you can consume it or not can get just as bewildering. swears it's safe. says it's a toxic poison. Chemicals like Aspartame are used in everything from Coke Zero to Sweet N Low, and uninformed consumers can think of it as a wonder drug that allows them to get their cake and eat it too.

My take? As someone who has been both super healthy and super overweight, the honest to goodness truth is that too much of anything is bad. The truth to real health is portion control and balance. Whether or not you think Asparateme is a poison, you shouldn't be drinking 3 cokes a day, anyway.

And before sugar gets on it's high horse, remember that sugar itself? Is bleached.

I'm just saying.

For the hard core truth, SkinnyBitch is a tough-love kind of book that curses you out and withholds no truth about the food you're eating.

It also takes any joy you have out of eating, unless you seriously enjoy eating nuts and tofu, but... still, it's good to be informed.

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