Thursday, February 28, 2008

WMC Gets Reprieve, Showrunners Get Jossed.

So it appears that Women's Murder Club, the struggling drama on ABC about a bunch of pretty ladies who like to solve murders, has been given a fighting chance. Despite rumors that the production crew was ordered to strike the sets, that freshman show now has a three episode order to finish out the season.

They also have a new showrunner, Law & Order vet Robert Nathan. Apparently showrunners Sarah Fain and Liz Craft weren't quite clicking with the network, because the pickup appeared to be contingent on getting them out.

There are fairly few female showrunners out there, so that does make me sad. On the other hand, more Murder Club! Allowing a moment of geekiness, I do love this show. It doesn't try to hit you over the head with all the intsense REALISM that the CSI's and Law & Orders do, and the chemistry between the four leads makes for a fun show (though there does seem to be a rumor circulating that the ladies act their pants off to pull that off). The only concern is with a new showrunner, comes new changes, and the show that returns, may not be the show that left us when it aired it's tenth episode in January.

At the very least, the showrunners, who have overall deals at FOX, have landed on their feet. They're heading over to be staff writers on Joss Whedon's Eliza Dushku fronted 'Dollhouse', which received a 7 episode pick up order at FOX.

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