Tuesday, January 15, 2008

30 Rock: Golden Globe Winner, Academy Award Watcher

In the latest 30 Rock episode, Liz Lemon gave herself a hi-five, tried to buy an apartment, tried to speak German, and drunk dialed the coop board. Jack Donaghy followed his heart to coal mining country, and realized that you really can't have everything - love or success, never the two shall meet (guess what he chose). In the lamest storyline, Kenneth got addicted to coffee and turned into the MADTV coffee guy (who didn't see that coming). This storyline was redeemed, however, when Kenneth decided to head back to Georgia to rediscover his roots. This prompted Tracey (with Jenna horning in) to bust out an impromptu musical rendition of 'Midnight Train to Georgia', which upset Gladys Knight and was made of win.

A casualty of the Writer's Strike, the latest 30 Rock episode seemed a hodgepodge of wierdness. There was no real underlying theme, none of the subplots really mixed together (what did Tina buying an apartment have to do with Kenneth and his coffee addiction?), and I really really miss Pete. The musical number at the end came out of nowhere (but most of the jokes usually do on this show), and was so bizarrely wierd I had to rewind it three times just to catche very single joke laid into it (witness slutty girls eating Jewish Doughnuts).

And yet, this show is still one the sharpest, funniest written comedies on television. It's the moments that make 30 Rock the most awesome show ever.

- Tina Fey once again contributes to our cultural awesomeness by the introduction of the self-congratulatory hi-five. Which i'm totally going to use from now on.

- Liz Lemon does what every spurned girl has done once in her past - drunkenly screech Alanis Morrisettes 'You Oughta Know' over the phone, into her wine bottle. Also? She claims to have boughten a 'black apartment'.

- As a former Network Assistant, I've known wayyy too many Jonathans to not immediately hate him and love him on sight. "And then I will be KING OF ALL THE ASSISTANTS!"

- Jenna continues to be love, what with horning in on Tracy's musical moment, and knowing of a porn site that's sexy without sacrificing story. It's for women, by women.

- Sometimes I get a bit of a Kenneth overload - there's other characters who can bring the laughs just as much as Kenneth, but his claim to be 'sodomized' was so sincere and wrong I couldn't help but burst into laughter.

-Also? I would so go to a sparrow museum. Fer reals.

- As a Mexican American who is semi-fluent in Spanish, I still once in a while get the deer-in-headlights look when someone starts rattling off to me in Spanish-Spanish (you know, with the weird accent from Spain), I was totally feeling Liz's pain when she all she got off the German dude's German was a bunch of words and 'hubcap?!" at the end.

Televisionwithoutpity has the best recaps of 30 Rocks, including every little gem of a quote, but here are my favorites:

Kenneth: "I don't drink coffee, sir. I don't drink hot liquids of any kind. That's the devil's temperature."

Lemon: "So we have so much in common...um...we're all white."

Lemon: "I've moved on. I've bought a whole bunch of other apartments. I bought a black apartment."

Jonathan: I'll be the king of the assistants!

Kenneth: It's been an honor being your friend and learning about the non-reproductive aspects of human sexuality from you.

Jonathan: If we do do that, it'll be huge!
Lemon: What about your huge doo-doo? (hi-fives herself)

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