Friday, January 4, 2008

Me and the Black Hole of LOST

I'll admit it: I hate Lost.

I hate Lost in the way I hate my Wii. It's bad for me. It makes no sense to play as much of it as I do. There is absolutely no merit in wasting 30 hours with a Wii Zapper shooting at girls in Bikinis when Ghost Squad only has 3 levels and you're shooting with a water gun shaped as a whale.

Just like Ghost Squard, Lost is my Achilles heel. It makes no sense to me. it's boring. The characters only really get interesting right before they get killed. It's confusing. The writers don't know what the hell is going on and there's polar bears on an island. Also? Everyone's an asshole.
And yet, I can't. Turn. It. Off.

I can swear to myself that I'll give up on it, and I suceed for like... five months, and then I go and catch a summary and suddenly I want to watch it again.
What is WRONG with me?

Damn you, Lost. If there wasn't a writer's strike going on and I had new episodes of Chuck, Women's Murder Club, 30 Rock or Ugly Betty to look forward to, you would have been banned from my household.

Oh well. If you want to join me in my madness, watch "Everything that's happened on Lost in 8 Minutes" on the ABC website. You'll want to watch too, if only to see what the hell these writers are smoking.

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