Monday, January 14, 2008

Celebrity Sighting of the Weekends: Running at Runyon

Hiking Runyon Canyon can be a bit of a bitch. Especially when you're a teeny little chihuahua like Thalia, who has to hold her own against long trails, big dogs, and her own teeny weeny feet. Every week, on Sunday, she is forced to make her walk, and she hates it. She HATES it. Still, we all need to get our exercise, and Thalia my little chihuahua sausage and celebrities are no exception.

Biggest celebrity sighting to date at Runyon was Cate Blanchett incognito, looking like an effortlessly graceful dork, with her huge sunglasses, wide bonnet, and skin covering tights and long sleeved t-shirt. Someone dressed that badly HAS to be a celebrity, and she might have gone unnoticed if I hadn't remembered shortcropped hair from the Indiana Jones Shoot.

Another, less thrilling sighting was that Shane guy from the shield, running with his doggie. I should know his name... because i've worked enough FX premieres where I've had to know his name, but... poop. Wallace... somebody?

Egads. He's that Shane guy. He was kinda hot.

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