Monday, January 14, 2008

More Cheese Coming Your Way: American Gladiators Renewed

When people want the silly, they embrace the silly. American Gladiators, in which regular athletes are pitted against each other and monster men and women, has already been renewed, according to TVWeek.

Also? They're planning an animated series and Vegas show. Really? Isn't that a little overkill? What's next, a music video? (Please don't take that as a suggestion, show).

Of course for me, that just means more Crush, which will always be a plus in my book. Gina Carano, aka Crush, is a bad ass, as witnessed by these youtube videos, in which she kicks the stuffing out of all the athletic women brave enough to get into a cage with her.

Also big news? The Sarah Connor Chronicles, which I'd like to gush about, but would rather do it when I have more than five minutes.

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