Monday, January 7, 2008

It's raining B-Celebrities! (meh)

Apparently I've discovered what B and C-Level celebrities do when they're not working on movies: going to see movies.

During the murky stormy weekend, everyone and their mom (and my mom) decided to go to the movies. In the course of such outings, I bumped into the Niecey from Reno:911 (the big butt cop lady) and the Style Network, sat next to Breckin Meyer (who seemed oddly disapointed that I didn't freak out when he said hi), and passed Elizabeth Berkeley on a date (she looked very pretty with her clothes on).

Of course the best part for me, was learning that one of the waiters at my local Cheesecake Factory is none of than the reformed cholo on Women's Murder Club, who had a murdered vet brother, and shot at Lindsay and Jacobi, and later helped them catch the bad guy, thanks to Jill.

I've had lunch at Blake Edwards and Julie Andrews' house, during which Blake told stories about Audrey Hepbourn and Breakfast at Tiffany's, and Julie Andrews talked about Mary Tyler Moore. I've kept my head, but when I saw that guy with his little black tie and white shirt, I literally squealed.

I'm such a geek.

Also, I've finally played Brain Age on my DS. I've discovered that while ideally I should have a 20 year old brain, my Brain Age is 80.

Okay, that's just embarrasing.

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