Friday, January 4, 2008

He Said, She Said - Tila Tequila Gets Dumped.

So on New Years Eve, Tila Tequila dropped some big news - she would be back for another Shot At Love, because, according to her, she got dumped. Apparently the big B couldn't handle her hectic schedule.

Bobby of course, has a different story. On his myspace, he claims that Tila never called him after the show wrapped, and production never gave him her phone number (Incidentally, he also wrote all this in the language of a ten-year-old girl).

After the painful (Eye-sporking) reunion, it's not really surprising, really. Who didn't think Tila wouldn't be back for round 2?

The only real surprise in the midst of this is that the contestants themselves weren't in on the joke. They wanted it to be real. A few of them seemed to genuinely be in love with Tila. During the reunion show, Dani showed genuine conflict and hurt at seeing Bobby and Tila together, and Brandi's post on her myspace seems to clearly indicate that Tila broke her heart:

" First I am not invited to your Masquerade and now you copied my hair............Thats real nice Tila.... I am sure that you wished that I didn't walk out and that you even loved me... NOT at all....Thanks for breaking my heart, taking my style and not wanting me to go to your New Years Eve Ball...You are truly a cold hearted person.....Fuck loveBrandi "

Someone better do a casestudy on Tila Tequila and Stockholm Syndrome fast.

Also? I'm never stepping within 10 feet of that chick. I'm now convinced she's some sort of crazy succubus.

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